Yellowbrick Cowlette Kits

Yellowbrick Cowlette by Carina Spencer

In September, our Shawl Society class will focus on this beautiful cowlette that features gathered stitches, and soft waves of marled yarn broken up by mohair eyelets.

We've put together some color suggestions to make it easier for you!

You'll need 400 yds (1 skein) of light fingering weight yarn and
450 yds (1 or 2 skeins) of lace weight mohair or mohair blend.


Our shop sample uses Malabrigo Sock and Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm. As you pick your kit, consider how the yarns will interact when marled. If you use a lighter color for the sock yarn, the gathered stitches around the edge will stand out more. If you use a lighter color for your mohair, the eyelets will stand out more. As the colors are held together, they blend to form a new color. High contrast is recommended for this reason.

For these kits, you'll need one skein of Wildstar Fibers Supernova Sock, and 2 skeins of Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm.


Wildstar Fibers: Kismet

Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm: Jitterbug


Wildstar Fibers: It's Ladies Night

Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm: ChaCha


Wildstar Fibers: Bounce

Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm: Boogie


Wildstar Fibers: Wunderkin

Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm: Vogue

For these kits, you'll need one skein of each of Polka Dot Sheep Iron Horse and Altitude.


PDS Iron Horse: Petals

PDS Altitude: Spinel


PDS Iron Horse: Iceberg

PDS Altitude: Cedar Island


PDS Iron Horse: Dusty Road

PDS Altitude: Gallatin


PDS Iron Horse: Crystal Park

PDS Altitude: Nightfall