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AWU - University - Self Paced Classes for you!

The online, self-paced format of these classes allows to learn in the comfort of home. You can work through the lessons all in one sitting like you would in a traditional class setting. Or, work a little at a time, spanning a week or more.

AWU-University video tutorials don’t expire, so you can take the class repeatedly, or review a specific part when you need it. And any updates we make to videos will come to you automatically with our web-based video hosting.


When you sign up for an AWU-U class, you’ll receive:


A Printed Booklet with full color photos, and a step by step lesson guide. Each lesson has a corresponding video tutorial, with skills or details to notice, and exercises to perform. You will also be emailed a PDF of the booklet.


Video Tutorials that never expire. Each class has clear, concise, edited, and  informative tutorials. You can review them again and again. Any updates to videos will be automatic. Lose your video link? Just ask us, and we will send it again.

Optional Yarn Add Ons for class enrichment. You can provide your own yarn, or purchase the optional add on.


What if I need help?

You are always welcome to email us with questions ( We respond within 24 hours.

You can call or visit the shop during our open hours, however email is our preferred first step in answering your questions.

That way we ensure that you are speaking with Nona, who developed the AWU curriculum.


We are excited to present this new learning opportunity. Growing your knitting and crochet skills has never been more accessible. And in time, we plan to expand our class options.

Basic Granny Squares Web Photo.jpg


2 page Color Class Guide PDF

Link to Class Videos 


You'll need at least one skein of yarn to practice your granny squares.

We recommend Scheepjes Stone Washed

What will I learn in
Basic Granny Squares?

There are 3 main components to this class: 

- Learning to crochet a basic granny square: Videos demonstrate three different ways to begin, how to work rounds starting in the corner or along a side,

and how to start with a new color.

- Learning to wash and block your squares: Videos show how to wet block and steam block, and how to pin out squares or use a blocking board.

- Learning to seam squares together: Two types of joins are offered: a Join as You Go method using a crochet hook, and an invisible seaming method using a tapestry needle.

This AWU-U "Mini" Class has two hours of video instruction. You'll walk away with a deep understanding of basic granny squares and have the ability to make afghans and other projects featuring granny squares.


Necessary Skills to take the class:

You should be able to chain and double crochet



12 page Color Class Guide

Link to Class Videos 

Malabrigo Worsted.jpg

To perform the swatch and class lessons, you'll need one skein of Malabrigo Worsted

What will I learn in
Fixing Mistakes?

There are 14 lessons in this class, including: 

Putting Stitches Back on Needles, Fixing Twisted Stitches, Recognizing and Fixing Skipped Stitches, Counting Rows, Learning to Read Your Knitting, Fixing Dropped Stitches (in both Garter and Stockinette), Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable, Tinking/Frogging/Starting Over, Joining to Work in the Round, Fixing a Twisted Join, Placing a Lifeline, Dealing with Ladders, Gauge, and Tips for Following Patterns.

The focus is on learning to read your knitting, and understanding knitting fundamentals. Naturally, the more you understand about the "why" of knitting, the easier it becomes to fix the "how" when things go awry.


Necessary Skills to take the class:

You should be able to knit and purl.

Knitting Socks Promo.jpg


16 page Color Class Guide

Link to Class Videos 


To perform the swatch and class lessons, you'll need two skeins of West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft

What will I learn in
Knitting Socks?

This class includes 4 sock patterns, and 21 video tutorials with over 2.5 hours of content.

In the course of class, you will learn to knit small circumference objects in the round, and select a method that suits you best. You'll work two socks in worsted weight: a cuff down sock in stockinette, and a toe up sock with 3x1 ribbing. Every step of knitting these socks is guided by written instructions and video tutorials. In the guide you'll also receive two additional patterns in fingering/sock weight. Additional information is given about sock gauge, selecting yarns for socks, darning socks, and using a sock ruler.


Necessary Skills to take the class:

You should be able to knit and purl.



16 page Color Class Guide

Link to Class Videos 

3 small balls of yarn for lessons


For the 2 exclusive class patterns:

Syncopated Scarf: 2 (3) skeins Malabrigo Mecha, all same color

2-Color Cowl: 2 skeins Malabrigo Mecha in contrasting colors.

What will I learn in
Brioche Knitting?

In this class you will learn single color brioche, syncopation, two color brioche, and working brioche in the round. You’ll learn the most common brioche increase and decreases, and how to read brioche charts. Additionally, these lessons are meant to help you understand why the brioche stitch works as it does, and not just how to perform the stitches. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to “read” your knitting, which will help you prevent and/or fix brioche mistakes. This class includes two exclusive patterns: a single color, syncopated brioche scarf and a two color brioche cowI with increases and decreases.  It includes 22 video tutorials with nearly 3 hours of content.  


Necessary Skills to take the class:

You should be able to confidently knit and purl.

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